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This mod was manufactured in France,
Each piece is born from passion and love of a job well done.
Each piece is meticulously checked and tested before being sent. If, despite all the care taken in my creations, you are not satisfied, please contact me directly on this link below in order to arrange a possible after-sales service.


What is a mod?

A mod is a battery holder (accumulator) designed to power accessories with a 510 connection. For example, a flashlight head, an atomiser, etc...

What you need to know: the batteries.

A mechanical mod does not work like an electronic mod.

It has no protection, so special attention must be paid to its batteries.

Indeed on electronic mod, the brand of the batteries does not matter, but on mechanical mod it is necessary to choose its batteries with precaution, they will have to be of known brand, for my part I advise the batteries Sony / Murata 18650 VTC5A, samsung 30t in 21700 for the mods 21700.

They must be in good condition, the wrap (plastic film that wraps the battery) must be in perfect condition, see the wrap replacement video.

Piles pour mods mécaniques


A mechanical mod requires regular maintenance, especially on the connectors (top cap and switch).

The dismantling of these parts is easy, once disassembled clean the whole with acetone, you can apply graphite, it will bring more softness to the switch and will space out the cleanings.

see the graphite application video

Any product is to be prohibited and will void the warranty.

Brass gets a patina, regular maintenance with a cotton cloth will sublimate your mod while letting it get a patina.

Carbon, ceramic and titanium do not require any maintenance: a simple damp cloth will suffice.

The maintenance of the princeps requires high quality leather grease of artisanal and natural manufacture.
A 15 € jar of grease will last for years, so saving on this product is not wise.
AVOID RIDING LEATHER PRODUCTS, they are not suitable and may damage your leather.
Lubrication once a month at the most is recommended, paying particular attention to the seams.
If, visually, the leather does not need greasing, postpone the maintenance.
Use leather goods products.

Commissioning :mods

A video of the commissioning has been made, please refer to it.

1- Dismantle the top cap of your mod, screw an accessory on it (screw it to the end) once it's in place, don't tighten it too much.

2- Insert a battery into the mod.

3-Re-close the mod, if it does not close completely, screw a quarter turn on the screw located under the pin (not that of the switch).

If the battery tends to "float" in the mod, loosen the screw a quarter turn.

Once the settings are complete your mod is operational, make sure that the switch is not locked.

3-Press the switch.

NB: Push back the pin of your top cap and repeat the operation for each accessory change.

Commissioning: juxta V2.

follow these steps before putting your batteries in your juxta

1- Unscrew the switch

2-Unscrew the top cap, and screw your atomizer until the base of the atomizer touches the top cap, (do not screw too hard, the simple contact of the ato on the top cap is enough)

3- Insert a battery on the spring side, negative on the spring side (at the bottom), screw the switch back on (there is no adjustment).

4- Insert a battery on the atomizer side, the positive at the bottom this time (see diagram opposite) and screw the topcap+ato back on.

you will find an explanatory video below

Pièces détachées pour vos mods mécaniques


In order to get the most out of your mechanical mods, avoid complicated resistances, opt for simple parcels.
Braided resistors are energy consuming and take longer to heat up (more material to heat up).
They use more liquid and discharge your batteries faster.

A simple parallel coil in kanthal A1 may surprise you.

Spare parts:

Because nothing is eternal, all the spare parts necessary for your mechanical mods are available on the site.

Some parts are in movement, and sometimes need to be changed.

You will find them in the spare parts section