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The material ... essential to the creation of a mechanical mod

Without material, no mecha mods.

The rule is simple.

It all starts with 4 m brass bars.

In order to be able to work them on the lathe they are cut into bars of one meter.

From the actual machining can begin.

Then the bars are cut (cut to length in technical language) to the desired length.

The sections are then machined, tapped, straightened, knurled according to the models ect. 

For the machining of the originals, an additional step consists in dressing one side below the final diameter,

This operation aims to leave the saddler the place to work the leather and to make the seams, so the dressing is enclosed between the two brass rings.

The operation of knurling applies to carbon, ceramic and titanium mods, so that the two tubes are crimped together (there is always a brass tube under the carbon, titanium etc ...).

The more complex parts (some parts of the Switch, and parts of the juxta for example) are when they are machined on cnc, (here a sieg kx3-s).

Opposite, a video of the realization of a 510 thread by interpolation.

About steampunk mech mods

Then comes the long welding work of all the timepieces, each piece is soldered directly on the tube.

This step is long, and tedious, it requires concentration, dexterity and especially a lot of patience,

Each mods steampunk is created live on facebook, so the customer can follow, even intervene on the realization of his own mod.

This is a guarantee of authenticity

For laser engraved mods, the steps are just as long,

It consists in answering customers' requests above all,

Creating a vector image can take hours and a customizable project usually takes several days.

Once the design is created, it is exposed to the client, who will have to accept it, otherwise I will continue to work on it. Here is an example of a fast track project.

Once the project has been accepted, the programming phase of the laser machine begins.

Only after these steps, the mod can be engraved, it takes a few hours depending on the complexity of the project.

Then come the final steps,

The finish

Depending on the model, there are several cleaning techniques, ranging from sandblasting to simple brushing, including special product baths and/or ultrasonic baths.

The polishing on rotary disc or by tribofinishing also called trovalization, is the last step of the manufacturing process.

It is necessary and unavoidable for a perfect finish.

To finish, here are some pictures of my world,