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Customization is a mandatory step if you wish to acquire a customizable wheelsandtime mod.

This step seems difficult, but in reality it isn't. This page aims to familiarize you with this step.

DON'T PANIC ! We are going to see and dissect this step point by point.

First step.

the command :

As you can imagine, first of all, you have to order a customizable mod, you have the choice between carbon, titanium and brass, you will find these mods in the appropriate categories of the site .

Second step.

Go to the forum (you will find the link everywhere on the site) especially at the bottom of the site.

Create your account and wait for an administrator to activate your account (you will receive a confirmation email).

Troisième étape.

once your account is activated, connect to your account, look for the heading "personnalisation scribe "

Cliquez dessus .

look" nouveau sujet "and click on it .

Fourth and final stage.

Create your topic .

Describe what you want, if you have a topic expose it,

If you have images to add add them to your project.

to add an image proceed like this

1-for an image from the internet:

right click on the image you have chosen, then click on "display image". Once the image is displayed, right click again and then click on "copy the image link", once on your project, right click and paste, (the link of the image will be directly in your post).

2-For an image from your computer.

Upload your image on the site https://postimages.org/, and let you guide, once the image is uploaded, do as for an image from the internet.

For more information.

-It is impossible for me to work on photos

-images must be usable, therefore they must be large,

with as few colors as possible.

Shades of gray should not be used, the lines should be well marked and sharp.

not have large black areas .

you will find some examples just on your right .

Do not hesitate to browse the forum for a better understanding.

Last point, I'm always asked, "how long will it take" .

I would answer that it depends above all on you.

If you answer quickly on your post it should go faster than if I have to ask you again.

It also depends on the complexity of the project, and the amount of work in progress, (if I have 10 projects in progress, it will take longer than if I only have two).