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Mods more than a job, a passion!

It all starts at the bottom of a small workshop.

And when I say small, I mean small!

Don't imagine the hight-tech workshop, packed with big brand new machines, ready to devour metal, no on the contrary.

I am also in love with old machines, "old ladies" as they say, but, I assure you they are all as efficient and precise as modern machines.

This kind of machine allows you to work "by touch", during the work you can feel the material, you can see it transforming.

I like to believe that one can transmit a part of oneself to the object that one gives birth on such a machine.

Sébastien fabrique ses Mods en France
Fabrication 100% française mods méca

However, in the middle of the oil smell of these old ladies, at the very back of the workshop, one can distinguish a cnc (or numerical control).

A necessary evil when manufacturing certain parts, which cannot be machined on conventional machines.

At the very back..., there are also fiber laser engravers to be able to make engravings on measures or not, requested by my customers.

This famous cnc as well as the famous lasers (hight tech this time) are in their corner, and are only used for production.

You will find in this small workshop, drills that do not grow, files that do not squeeze, sandpaper that does not break, calipers that do not have shoes, milling cutters that are not eaten, and many other tools with names that are always more eccentric.

Mods atelier fabrication
Mods atelier fabrication

And the craftsman in all this?

Of course, he is there, this modeur who during hours is working to give life to all this.
By the way, how did I become a modeur?

And... what is a modeur?

- A modeur is a craftsman who transforms the material to arrive at a final product.
In fact, modeur has just "modified" something, I suppose that "mod" got its name from the same root.

- I remember the day I decided to make my first mod.

- Far from me the idea of marketing it at the time, so much the work of design and manufacture had been tedious, I had decided to embark on the adventure, I wanted to make something solid, able to work for a long time simply.

 - So I made this first piece, with plumbing fittings and brass grommets, with only tools, a grinding wheel, sandpaper, a few rags, a drill press and a lot of patience.

After a few days of work, and proud of myself, I was eager to show my new toy on my favorite forum.

At the time my friend BRICE was the master of the place.

Against all odds this "plumber's mod" was very popular, it was also named by the community "l indestructible".

It still makes me smile.

Faced with many requests I became a modeur (after all why not mix work and pleasure?).

Mod méca engrenage
Mod mécanique

WHEELSANDTIME, did not create itself.

Neither with bundles of brand new banknotes neatly arranged at the bottom of a suitcase.


Wheelsandtime was created with a lot of chess, trials, disappointment, sacrifices, and long hours of work.

As the main resource of wheelsandtime, he has also contributed a lot to its success and has earned its place in the brand name (time).

All this time sacrificed, stolen, from my wife and children, borrowed on weekends spent developing, machining, this or that product.


In English " WHEELS " means wheels, a small tribute to the famous " steampunk " who made wheelsandtime what it is today.
That's what wheelsandtime is, the marriage of time and a few gears.

And you ?

Mod mécanique Vap Expo

for you ...

You, who read this page, you who supported, carried, encouraged me.


Without you nothing would have ever happened.

Thank you for keeping WHEELSANDTIME alive.